What do you choose to give your life to?

In my exploration of LOVE, I stumbled and bumped against the word Hate, thank you for letting me share what I saw.

Some people will get trigger by the word Hate - as they are conditioned to label Hate as bad or have been hurt and now avoiding anything in this direction - and especially for them - let go and read on..

If you break your Word, you break your Power....Integrity of a structure is the 'wholeness' of the structure. If there is a hole in the structure the integrity is damaged. Same for the Word you give. Integrity of your Word means the 'wholeness' of the Word you give.
many people adjusted themselves too often, too much.... to jobs, structures, other people, companies, circumstances, expectations on how to be a particular someone for a particular something...... I got a question how to create "movement" within a 55+ group of corporate people who are stuck.
How can you experience a different reality within 30 seconds?............ The experience you are experiencing right now is a consequence of your 'Current State of Mind'. Changing your 'Mind State', directly impacts your current experience of the moment.... The perception of a 'problem' is seldom a direct consequence of a real problem in the 'Now'.
In a modern context, money sometimes gets a 'dirty' flavor, as in, it doesn't make you happy, it is wrong, it is linked to Ego needs etc. The Context ( Paradigm) in which money lives for you determines the way and the amount of money you can create and attract!
1. Is jouw team betrokken en staan mensen in hun kracht? 2. Sluit leiderschap op alle lagen aan bij de behoefte? 3. Hoe staat het met jouw groei & ontwikkelingsmogelijkheden? Global Human Capital